And did anyone mention those villains? Making their big-screen debut are the Borg, bad to the bone and proud of it. Part human, part synthetic (and realized with appropriate menace by costume designer Deborah Everton, these unstoppable high-tech zombies are not just making conversation when they tell their adversaries, "Resistance is futile." 
                                                                                      KENNETH TURAN, TIMES FILM CRITIC

The Borg, designed by Deborah Everton and Michael Westmore, are as horribly magical as gargoyles, and the semi-metallic queen harks back to Fritz Lang's silent classic "Metropolis" and its wicked female robot with her silver breasts and lewd wink    


However, where the film really shines is with its retro look at "Tricky Dick," Watergate and the early '70s era. While the late 1970s and the whole disco period have been countlessly portrayed in movies, it's not often that the years preceding that time get as much attention -- at least not recently.
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Without knowing the Watergate story, viewers could find enjoyment in the performances of the two dizzy leads, and maybe marvel at the recreation of flower power fashions (costumes by Deborah Everton)

Tech credits all shine, especially Deborah Everton's character-revealing costumes.

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