Wednesday, January 6, 2016

The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel

I've selected this next movie as it addresses a hugely overlooked segment of society; the mature woman.

I recently read on a fashion and lifestyle blog, "rules" for women over fifty that included such absurd pronouncements as never wearing  Uggs! Oh, really.  While the story stopped short of insisting everybody above a certain age don a shapeless black dress and a babushka, it defiantly suggested the fashion party was over.

Refuting all that are the fun, characterful costumes of "The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel",  designed by Louise Stjernsward. Although most of the costumes rely on Indian fashion, the looks can be easily duplicated to create a flattering, colorful, and comfortable wardrobe.

Louise uses several clever tricks to play up the fun characters and flatter mature figures and you can use them too!

 I've said this often...color is the single most important element to add for a youthful glow

Maggie Smith looks wonderful in the spicy colors of  India.

                Celia Imrie was breathtaking in gold and emerald

Although not a photo from the movie, here she translates the beautiful, saturated colors of India into a red carpet look. So sexy and stunning!

Strong vertical lines and an open neckline;

 This beautiful neckline and dupetta (Indian scarf) flatters Dame Judi Dench

Using an open top layer and a dupatta to create length and a slimming effect...and that pop of color!

 Statement Jewelry;

Every costume included jewelry. Here are two examples of statement pieces that draw focus to the beautiful faces of their wearers.

The Dupatta;

                                      Softly framing Judi's face

                                                Adding Texture

                           A pop of color on the red carpet

So, far from hiding your light, now it the time of life to show off your personality and sparkle!  If you would like to try adding a little Indian spice to your wardrobe take a look at Jaypore or Exclusively(no affiliation), for all sorts of fun clothing and accessories!