Thursday, December 3, 2015

The Craft

I figured I'd start out with one of my own films as it is currently available on Amazon Prime and there a lot of talk about a remake!

 One of the funnier articles I've read about the remake is from The Huffington Post (click on the link to read the entire article), here is their #1 reason..

In a completely unnecessary remake news, Sony is remaking the 1996 cult-classic "The Craft."
According to The Hollywood Reporter, the studio has tapped filmmaker Leigh Janiak to write and direct the film, which really has no reason to be remade for the following reasons:
1. The film was the pinnacle of '90's fashion.'
The clothes are half of the reason to watch the "The Craft" in the first place.
While flattered, I don't necessarily agree. Sometimes remakes work, sometimes they don't.
But let's take a look at why the films costumes resonated and what they have to say. Here is a photo from the beginning of the film

 Four misfits with Sarah (Robin Tunney, far left) even more on the "outside" than the rest.  I selected a non-color for her costume with a baggy, shapeless sweatshirt over a greige T-shirt knit dress. I did this to  support her feelings of  depression and"invisibility". The lack of color really drains her face and the shapeless silhouette  makes her almost disappear.

Next is Nancy (Fairuza Balk), who is just pushing the edge of her school uniform. She's a bit edgy, a bit "trailer trash", but her look is unformed. Rochelle (Rachel True), is the most upscale of the lot and hasn't really tested the bounds of her look.  She's playing it safe. Bonnie (Neve Campbell), is hiding in her oversized coat and ill fitting uniform. 

 Behind the Scenes ; This was our first day of shooting. The girls were looking far from their best, and when "the studio" saw the dailies they sent a phalanx of executives to my office to see if I had lost my mind. Once I explained my thought process, the planned character development, and showed them upcoming looks for the foursome, they stood down and didn't fire me!

Now look at the girls once they have found their "power"!
Same school uniform, but a world of difference! The clothing fits properly, just skimming the body. The accessories enhance the overall look and give clues to each girl's personality. For example; Nancy is wearing a a spiked dog collar while Sarah wears a delicate necklace. 

Here is a photo of the girls in a non-school uniform look.  Although they are dressed in a similar manner (as school girls tend to do), each one has her own personality with Sarah standing out again and appearing most approachable in warmer tones, a soft floral skirt and converse sneakers;

Source: The Craft/Columbia Pictures

As you watch the movie, notice how each girl's look subtly changes to reflect her inner thoughts and personal transformation! Notice all the details and think about how you can use the same ideas to define your look.

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