Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Can You Wear a Maxi-Dress to Work?

I was reading one of my favorite fashion forums this morning and was caught by a thread (ha-ha), "Are Maxi-Dresses ever appropriate in a work context"? The opinions were a resounding NO!  I disagree.

I think it depends on the dress and on the work place. Let's take a look at two dresses that have a similar fabric and drape and see what's going on.
Anthropologie $138

This jersey maxi-dress is way to soft and unstructured to go anywhere near work.  It's fine for the beach or a casual day to evening...but work?  Nope!

I do love how sexy it is and easy to wear. The drawstring waist gives it a beautiful drape and shows off curves to perfection.

This Maxi I just adore.  It looks also to be some kind of jersy or knit but when pulled together with a jacket and "real" shoes it's good to go to the office if you work in an artistic or casual type of place. Whould it fit in a coroporate environment? Sadly, No Way.

So think about texture and drape as well as style when deciding what to wear to the office.  You might just make it work.

What do you think?  Would you wear a Maxi to work?