Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Are You Shorts Savvy?

Now that Spring is here, Los Angeles is beginning to see our annual flood of shorts-waring-tourists.  It's weird to be going along in your regular work day to suddenly be confronted by someone in cut-offs and a tube-top in the middle of Beverly Hills.  This is a city, not your back-yard!  Anyhow, I love shorts as much as the next person so I thought I'd give some dos and dont's on wearing them :-)



 - Do think 'outfit' just as you would
with a skirt or trousers. Consider your shoes, bag, and jewelry

Do not bare all.  If you are in a city (or anywhere that's not the beach)           keep your top half covered.

- Do check yourself out from behind.  Make sure everything is where it should be and looking good. Bend over and squat down checking to be sure you aren't showing more than you think!

Do pick the slimmest part of your thigh for the length of your shorts.  This will make your legs appear longer and leaner.

Do think about walking shorts as an option in the city. You will look chic and pulled together....and do the rest of us a huge favor!

- Do consider using leg make-up to smooth out your skin tone and desguise any 'dimpeling' on your  thighs

I Hope these tips keep you looking cool and chic this summer!

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  1. I don't actually own nice shorts but love the look of them. Definitely on my shopping list for this year. Great tips!