Monday, March 26, 2012

The Power of Accessories

When designing a wardrobe for a film or television show, I find accessories are an important way to impart a lot of information about the various characters. Is the character rich? Poor? Artistic? Worldly? Cheap?  All these clues are given by careful accessory choices.

I think accessories are the best way to help us develop our brand as well.  Even the most conservative outfit can be enhanced by some well thought out accessories. For women, a good purse is a must and a great way to express your individuality.  But the price of many good quality bags is sky high!  Here are two great options, both pink, which is youthful, playful, and confident.

This great bag from Kate Spade is $448 at Zappos.  It's pricey but not out of the question.  While I love it, I think it's still too expensive for many.

This bag from Dooney and Burke is $278 and gives your look the same wow factor for a couple of hundred dollars less.  Sure, it isn't as luxe as the Kate Spade bag, but it's great looking,well made, and you have money left over for shoes!

Either choice will give your outfit a fresh, happy lift and help you appear approachable and fun!

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