Monday, July 26, 2010

More Fantasy Shoe Storage

I saw this over at Stylizimo (fantastic style blog, check it out), and just had to share it with you!  I'm sooo going to do this! I think shoes are little works of art and this is a great way to display them... and see what you've got!

No more rooting around on the closet floor!

Friday, July 23, 2010

What Would You Buy From Her?

I had an interesting conversation the other day about personal style vs. public image and how your personal style can get in the way of your intended message. I used the (extreme), example of a person offering "a peaceful way to grow your business"while wearing all black and sporting multiple piercings.  I suggested that personal style might just get in the way of the intended message. The first response back was "No way, you have to be the person wearing all black, sporting piercings...and still sell "A peaceful way to grow your business".


You can be that person all you want. But your potential client will have to overcome their personal bias before they can even begin to hear your message. That's not only asking a lot (and believe me, they won't bother), it's putting yourself before your client!

When considering your public image always put your clients first. You are there to solve their problem, not to have them understand your personal lifestyle. Put your personal style aside and learn how to project the image most likely to succeed!

That doesn't mean lie to them or "sell out". It means... stop putting up barriers!

I have a client who is tattooed over most of her body. She was having a difficult time convincing potential clients of her abilities. Now when she goes to a studio to sell her expertise, those tattoos are discrete (as opposed to the focal point), and she embodies a professional, yet creative image. Is she a "sell out"? No Way!! She understands that her personal style had overshadowed her professional abilities and has crafted a public image her clients can relate to. Her public image is still edgy and artistic...but in a way people can relate to...and feel edgy and artistic  just by hiring her. Her sales have sky rocketed!

Do this one thing and watch your sales grow!

P.S.After directing that person to our blog... I got a very nice email from her saying she "got it".  Glad to help! That's why I write this help you guys grow your business!

Friday, July 9, 2010

Quick Tip!

To remove an ink stain, place a cloth underneath stain to prevent the stain from seeping through. Dab stain with glycerin or hairspray using a cotton swab. Next, dab stain with a mixture of water and detergent, and gently rub into a lather. Finally, machine  wash in cold water. No more ink stain!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

May I Help You?

What is your biggest dilemma when choosing an outfit to wear for a special meeting or speaking engagement? Do you spend hours trying on everything in your closet? Do you run to the mall for a new look? Do you feel comfortable and confident with your choices?

Let me know... I'd love to help!