Saturday, June 26, 2010

Why Ask Why

If you have ever wondered why celebrities and media personalities  hire stylists, you've probably figured it's because they can. You would be wrong. It's because they can't. They can't risk something as valuable as their public image to personal taste or style. As it's almost impossible to view ourselves objectively (we have far too much information about our personal bias), a stylist or image consultant keeps their image perfect and polished.

Actors learn how impactful clothing is by developing a character with the help of a costume designer. They soon discover that their costumes are a vital tool in creating a believable role.

Think of your business persona as a character in a movie.  What are you saying via your clothing choices? Are you letting your personal tastes and style get in the way of effectively expressing your business?  Remember, your image is your brand!  Personal style and public image are two entirely different things!

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