Monday, May 24, 2010

Groovy Chick or Old Bag?

I see a lot of this look in my travels. Unfortunately, it's without the microphone. 

I know the women sporting this style are either living in the past or trying to hide fat ....and so does everybody else. I'm sorry to tell them, this look makes them look old...and fat!

Baggy, flowing layers just look dated...and, well... old.  Plus they make you look sloppy and....FAT!!! Even Stevie Nicks has updated her look to become a smoother, more streamlined woman.

Think about the message you are sending out when you dress in flowing, gypsy layers.  Are you a "Groovy Chick"...or  Old Bag?

I'll show you in my next post how to update your "Gypsy Soul"!

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