Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Cracking Layers

I talked about layering in this post and how it can make you look, not just dated, but fat ((shudder)). Sure, lots of flowing layers are super comfy (who doesn't love an elastic waistband), but they add bulk.  You can still layer like mad if you follow two simple rules!
1. If you have a flowing top, pair it with a slim bottom.

And by slim I don't mean leggings! Leggings with a flowing top can make you look like a meatball with two toothpicks stuck in the bottom. Slim trousers or a trim (not tight) skirt.

1. If you have a flowing bottom layer, pair it with a slim top.
You always want to point out that you have a shape somewhere in there! You can even add a flowing wrap if you keep the rest somewhat structured.

The rules always apply.....
Follow them and you will never again look like a walking pile of laundry! Add more layers with necklaces or a scarf, and bracelets to get your gypsy on. Layering jewelry doesn't add bulk. How great is that!

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