Friday, April 30, 2010

The Power of Positive Dressing

I've talked about the importance of being the embodiment of your product or service and how your image can either enforce or degrade your core message.  But how do you figure out how to do that?

Try this fun exercise.  Go through your backlog of magazines, clipping out words you think apply to your business.  It is dynamic? Serene? Cutting edge? Useful? Fun? Luxurious?  You get the idea.

The reason I want you to go through magazines as opposed to just thinking up the words is, I want you to see how successful business' label themselves.  Also, notice the colors and graphics they use.  Once you have 5 or 6 words (or as many as you think apply), look through your style magazines and clip out items and outfits that best depict each word. Now make a "vision board", or visual journal using your words and outfits.

You might be surprised by what you discover. I'm sure you will get new insight as to  positive dressing!


  1. This is a great suggestion! Can't wait to try it out when I get back from NY! Hope I am giving the right "business look" while here......

  2. Ooh - you could use polyvore to do this