Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Cracking Why It Doesn't Fit!

OK,  girls... Let's get real with what size we really are.

 Is this beautiful body the average? If only!!

According to Medical News Today we are getting bigger... but not taller (dang).

Apparently a size 8 (considered the standard size) = 35"-27"-37.5" and is 5' 5" tall.

In reality the average woman is almost 5.3",  tall and white women are now more like 41"-34"-43", and black women are 43"-37"-46"'.

I'm not telling you this to make you feel bad about whatever size you are but rather to help you get real about what size you should be looking at when you shop.

Every designer has a "fit model" that they grade their sizes on. So, if the designer has a 17 year old, 100 lb, 5'11" girl that she or he decides is their size 8...we all have to live with it. Which is why you don't know what size you are.

So...back here on planet earth (where we actually do eat), remember....nothing makes you look fatter than squeezing into a smaller size when you could look super skinny in just one tiny size larger.

I did all that fancy font stuff because I want you to know how important I feel this is. Look at the size label as a indicator, not a judgment. You can be a size 8 in one line of clothing and size 10 or 12 in another. It depends on the "fit model".

Of course, you can always do what I do for some actors ...clip out the size tag and never live in reality.  That's always fun.


  1. awesome post!!! so glad i found your blog!!!

  2. J'adore your reality... just clip the tag... oui oui oui... I am a size 6... the tags always bother moi... soooo I clip them... LOL!!!

    There shoule be a SIZE POLICE like the FASHION POLICE!!! It would be helpful... instead of going into the dressing room with 4 sizes... and running back and forth... or perhaps this could be considered exercise, non?

    Bon week-end... ENJOY!