Thursday, April 1, 2010

Cracking Handbags

I'm just incensed by the price of handbags.  I mean...really. What are they thinking?

This casual handbag from Dior costs $1,790 ....that's a mortgage payment!! For a purse....what????

Instead, consider this eco friendly bag from etsy seller Sinemingur

I's not leather, but it's a fun and funky casual bag and only costs $35! It has the same general shape and round hardware as the Dior bag plus no animal had to die for fashion so you can feel good about that too.  I also like that it's not vinyl (which just looks cheap without the cheerful). I would swap out the big button for something else (like a vintage pin from a flea market or your own chunky initial charm ), to add even more of your personal style. This bag probably won't last long (like the expensive leather bag), but it gives a lot of style for the money and you won't have to carry the same handbag for the rest of your life to justify the cost!

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