Friday, April 30, 2010

The Power of Positive Dressing

I've talked about the importance of being the embodiment of your product or service and how your image can either enforce or degrade your core message.  But how do you figure out how to do that?

Try this fun exercise.  Go through your backlog of magazines, clipping out words you think apply to your business.  It is dynamic? Serene? Cutting edge? Useful? Fun? Luxurious?  You get the idea.

The reason I want you to go through magazines as opposed to just thinking up the words is, I want you to see how successful business' label themselves.  Also, notice the colors and graphics they use.  Once you have 5 or 6 words (or as many as you think apply), look through your style magazines and clip out items and outfits that best depict each word. Now make a "vision board", or visual journal using your words and outfits.

You might be surprised by what you discover. I'm sure you will get new insight as to  positive dressing!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Cracking Draping

Draping is BIG right now! But draping can be a "fat maker" unless you have a curtain rod for shoulders.  But no matter what your body type you can get on this trend. Let's take a look at how it can work for you.

I don't care how skinny you are....this is a "FAT MAKER", even if you plan on standing in this exact pose every second you are wearing the dress. Don't even think you are hiding anything by wearing this!!! I have to say....this dress just makes me gasp.....and not in a good way. this is a pretty option if you have a small bust.

A little draping around the (eh-hum) tummy area....but I'm not sure about the cut of the neckline unless you have a long neck and broad shoulders.
This top is great for work or an evening out and will look flattering on most body types. The scoop neck shows off the skinniest part of all our bodies...the collar bone. Plus....loving the color! A pretty color reflects prettily up onto your face....please remember that!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Cracking Why It Doesn't Fit!

OK,  girls... Let's get real with what size we really are.

 Is this beautiful body the average? If only!!

According to Medical News Today we are getting bigger... but not taller (dang).

Apparently a size 8 (considered the standard size) = 35"-27"-37.5" and is 5' 5" tall.

In reality the average woman is almost 5.3",  tall and white women are now more like 41"-34"-43", and black women are 43"-37"-46"'.

I'm not telling you this to make you feel bad about whatever size you are but rather to help you get real about what size you should be looking at when you shop.

Every designer has a "fit model" that they grade their sizes on. So, if the designer has a 17 year old, 100 lb, 5'11" girl that she or he decides is their size 8...we all have to live with it. Which is why you don't know what size you are.

So...back here on planet earth (where we actually do eat), remember....nothing makes you look fatter than squeezing into a smaller size when you could look super skinny in just one tiny size larger.

I did all that fancy font stuff because I want you to know how important I feel this is. Look at the size label as a indicator, not a judgment. You can be a size 8 in one line of clothing and size 10 or 12 in another. It depends on the "fit model".

Of course, you can always do what I do for some actors ...clip out the size tag and never live in reality.  That's always fun.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Fashionably Cheap

While I'm on a roll about all things thrifty I hope you know about Cynthia Vincent for Target.  I mean, who doesn't need a pair of great gladiator wedges this summer?  If you're strapped for cash right now (and I don't know anybody who isn't), cute, fun shoes are a sure way to freshen up last years summer wardrobe.  I just shopped for similar shoes for an actress and was gobsmacked by the price tags! Don't these people know there is a depression recession going on?

These Bottega Veneta sandals are $880. Don't even get me started.

These Michael Kors are a lot less at $295...but still.

The Cynthia Vincent beauties are only $30 so you can indulge yourself in this hot trend and still afford a sundress or shorts to go with! Who knows how long we will continue to teeter on impossibly high heels and wedges, so why pay a fortune for them?

I love Target. Really. I do.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Cracking Handbags

I'm just incensed by the price of handbags.  I mean...really. What are they thinking?

This casual handbag from Dior costs $1,790 ....that's a mortgage payment!! For a purse....what????

Instead, consider this eco friendly bag from etsy seller Sinemingur

I's not leather, but it's a fun and funky casual bag and only costs $35! It has the same general shape and round hardware as the Dior bag plus no animal had to die for fashion so you can feel good about that too.  I also like that it's not vinyl (which just looks cheap without the cheerful). I would swap out the big button for something else (like a vintage pin from a flea market or your own chunky initial charm ), to add even more of your personal style. This bag probably won't last long (like the expensive leather bag), but it gives a lot of style for the money and you won't have to carry the same handbag for the rest of your life to justify the cost!