Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Cracking It Old School!

In my film career I've re-invented several classics and brought the brands to a new generation. For Star Trek is was about taking the crew out of stretch pants and taking an evil species to a new level.
For Battlestar Galactica it was reinventing the flight suit and coming up with a sexy new villain
My next adventure is stepping out of the sci-fi world and bringing a true TV classic, The Rockford Files, into the 21st century. I'm so excited!
If you want to see how I pull this one out of a time warp and re-brand it for today... sign up at the mailing list button to the right for private behind-the-scenes info delivered weekly. You don't want to miss this...we're gonna have fun!

In the meantime, ask yourself if you are stuck in a time warp. How can you re-invent yourself and your brand?

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