Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Cracking Comfy

With my busy work schedule I've been thinking a lot about comfortable clothes lately. I wish I could wear my PJ's to work! I know many busy women insist on comfort over style. They wear ratty t-shirts, baggy sweats, sloppy jeans...you know the look...a walking pile of laundry.

I wonder how these women are feeling about themselves.  The message they are sending is, "I'm too stressed, lazy, busy, oblivious (pick one..or all), to care about myself.  As it's difficult to take a living laundry pile seriously, I suggest taking a look at these totally comfy pieces from Elieen Fisher

Because they are made from organic materials they breath, making them cool and soft. The stretchy-ness adds to the comfort while maintaining a trim, pulled together look.  Add a few of these options to the grab-and-go section of your closet with some colorful accessories and never look in need of a fluff-and-fold again!

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