Thursday, March 11, 2010

Cracking the Closet

Does your closet resemble this?

When I'm working on a movie I have a plan for each character.  First I develop the "look", next I assemble the various costume changes, and finally I establish a well organized "closet" for each character that I can turn to with confidence when the inevitable changes in production crop up.

As a business person you need that type of closet as well! You need to devote a section of your wardrobe just to the character of "YOU, the business owner", that you can confidently pull from when you most need it.

In future posts I'll go into detail about how to achieve this but for now, take a good look at your closet and assess where you need help.  I'd love to see the inside of your "before" closet so just shoot me a photo of  it and you will be amazed by your "after photo" once we've cracked it with some fun tips from the pros!

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