Monday, February 15, 2010

Cracking The Romantic

Is your idea of a perfect day spent with you curled up on the sofa with a cozy fire in the grate, your best pet pal snug right next to you, cup of tea in one hand and a Jane Austen novel in the other?  If so, you are a Romantic!

It isn’t easy being a Romantic these days.  It’s a rough world out there and the clothing options associated with the style can be more suited to a 7 year old girl rather than a grown up woman.  Remember this?

 Yikes!  Believe it or not that style is still around and I'm sure you've seen it on someone....hey isn't that the dress all those polygamist women were wearing?

So what is the modern take on the Romantic?  Let's crack the code!  The romantic look is all about ruffles and soft colors.  The fabric should flow around the body and overall it's the most feminine of looks. But that doesn't mean it has to be fussy.

These two outfits are from Anthropologie, the shopping mecca for the romantic. There are gentle ruffles that drape and flow around the body. Soft colors don't have to be pastels, here the colors are all earth toned.  And not a floral print in sight! 
While you would have to have a fairly well proportioned body to wear the dress above, ruffles are a great way for the romantic to balance out her figure.

This top is great for a small busted romantic paired with a slim pant or skirt

While fuller busted romantics should keep the frills below the waist

If you like a bit of romantic color in your life, keep it simple

This dress combines soft color and a tiny bit of ruffles with a streamlined skirt that skims the hips and flows prettily around the hem. Very romantic without a fussy floral print in sight!.

The romantic look is great for a woman working in the arts.  Its fun and flirty without being fussy or childlike. Perfect for a modern, grown-up woman with a romantic soul!

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  1. Deborah,
    thanks for this cool article. I'd love to add more romance to my wardrobe and this was great inspiration!