Monday, February 8, 2010

Decoding My Own Designs

Let’s start off by cracking the style code of some of my own designs! For Battlestar Galactia I designed several costumes for #6 (aka Tricia Helfer). I wanted her to be strong, unapproachable, a little dangerous, and a lot sexy! All of her costumes
were all beautiful and cost a ton of $$ to create. Laser cut leather, hand beading, silk chiffon, a whole bunch of yummy-ness!
But what was the breakout design?

A little dress I had to whip up on the spot with no money left in my budget and only a few hours to get it from design to body...Yikes!
That’s when I learned the power of color. With Just $14 worth of fabric and a 4-hour deadline I was forced to come up what became the selling point of the entire series!

Let’s decode why that dress was so successful;

The body. By this point I knew Tricia’s body well. I knew what worked on her and what did not. Yes, even beautiful Trica can’t wear everything!
Simplicity. With only a few dollars to spend on fabric I knew I couldn’t go wild with the design. My motto? Keep it Simple, Stupid!
Color. Again, with that tiny budget I needed to get the most impact with my simple design…I chose red.
You too can make a slam-bam choice on a tiny budget if you remember these points!
* Know your body
* Keep it simple
* Embrace color

Lesson learned? When carefully chosen, the power of color can overcome any budget!

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  1. Great post I love the contrasts! The laser cut leather it is so bold! The red dress is so timeless and stunning.