Wednesday, February 24, 2010

A Celebrity Before and After

Everybody needs help when it comes to the Style Code and embodying their "brand"!  Let's take a look at a typical celeb in her "real life".

This is how Charlize Theron look in her "off duty" hours. In jeans and a T-shirt, she could be meeting friends for lunch  or running errands. A busy girl-on-the-go. Clearly, not a lot of thought went into this outfit. I see movie stars everyday in my studio looking just like this. Now let's look at Charleze after she's "gone through the works" (movie lingo for a make-over)

A glamorous movie star!  Her golden dress sells her as a Golden Girl.  This is the movie star we pay to see!   While she had final approval on her dress, somebody assessed her strengths and worked with them to create this beautiful embodiment of her "brand", Movie Star Charleze!

Think about yourself as your "brand". What image are you selling?                

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