Friday, February 12, 2010

Bombshell...or Bimbo? Cracking Sexy

As Valentine's day rolls around, let's take a look at what's sexy and what just looks cheap.If there is one thing I've learned in my design career, it's that men like to see skin. 

Which explains why getups like these will be gifted to cringing women everywhere this Sunday. Years ago, before I came to know this fact, I would be frustrated whenever a director or producer said, "Make her look sexy". What does that mean, I'd ask myself. After all it's subjective.  One day I was discussing the problem with several of my cohorts at lunch when a nearby (eavesdropping) man interrupted us saying one word. "Skin".

I decided to put his assertion to the test.  The week before this I had arrived in Toronto to work on a film. The evening of my arrival I had gone to a little get together hosted by the producer.  I had worn slacks, a long sleeve silk blouse, and ballet flats.  Now I was invited to another cocktail party, this time given by the director. I wore a sleeveless little dress and strappy heels.  Well, where I had been basically ignored at the first gathering, I was now surrounded by men! Most of whom didn't even remember meeting me the week before! OK...lesson learned.

But how much skin is too much?  When does sexy become sleezy? Let's look at leopard prints considered by many to be sexy:

The dress above is cheap looking. It's too low cut, too tight and the too short length is hitting at an unflattering spot on her legs.

This dress by Michael Aram is sexy! It shows almost as much skin but the length is prettier and the top detail shows off the model's arms and shoulders without baring too much cleavage. It's nice to leave something to the imagination!

How about color?
Sleezy. Too tight, too short, too low cut, too see through, and what's up with the sides? The long sleeves don't make up for the cut out sides. Even the color looks cheap!

Sexy! This dress from J. Crew is still a v-neck and shows off her arms. The length is fun a flirty and the color pops!

What if you hate your arms...can you still look sexy? You bet!  Meet the wrap dress!
This DKNY dress is around $ 350. It's sexy and sophisticated. But personally, I'd love to see some color here.

Here is a similar dress by Banana Republic that sells for around $100. They both skim the body, have that sexy neckline but cover the arms.

This style also looks great on a fuller figure! This one is from Avenue, comes in sizes from 14-31 and has a variety of colors to choose from! All for $35.00 on sale!!!

So we've cracked the sexy code:

-show some skin (but not too much)
-wear a dress or skirt (but not too short)
-heels (gives you tower -power)

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