Monday, September 20, 2010

The Style Rookie

I just read a wonderful article in the New Yorker about a 14 year old blogger named Tavi Gevinson who is rocking the fashion world with her blog, Style Rookie. I flipped over this photo of her(love her style!), and as I'm currently working on a project with a similar character, I hopped on over to her blog looking for some hip teen inspiration.

Imagine my surprise to discover my work was featured in the very first post!
This is from The Craft...a movie I designed years ago. It's good to know it still stands up....and that inspiration has come full circle!

Monday, July 26, 2010

More Fantasy Shoe Storage

I saw this over at Stylizimo (fantastic style blog, check it out), and just had to share it with you!  I'm sooo going to do this! I think shoes are little works of art and this is a great way to display them... and see what you've got!

No more rooting around on the closet floor!

Friday, July 23, 2010

What Would You Buy From Her?

I had an interesting conversation the other day about personal style vs. public image and how your personal style can get in the way of your intended message. I used the (extreme), example of a person offering "a peaceful way to grow your business"while wearing all black and sporting multiple piercings.  I suggested that personal style might just get in the way of the intended message. The first response back was "No way, you have to be the person wearing all black, sporting piercings...and still sell "A peaceful way to grow your business".


You can be that person all you want. But your potential client will have to overcome their personal bias before they can even begin to hear your message. That's not only asking a lot (and believe me, they won't bother), it's putting yourself before your client!

When considering your public image always put your clients first. You are there to solve their problem, not to have them understand your personal lifestyle. Put your personal style aside and learn how to project the image most likely to succeed!

That doesn't mean lie to them or "sell out". It means... stop putting up barriers!

I have a client who is tattooed over most of her body. She was having a difficult time convincing potential clients of her abilities. Now when she goes to a studio to sell her expertise, those tattoos are discrete (as opposed to the focal point), and she embodies a professional, yet creative image. Is she a "sell out"? No Way!! She understands that her personal style had overshadowed her professional abilities and has crafted a public image her clients can relate to. Her public image is still edgy and artistic...but in a way people can relate to...and feel edgy and artistic  just by hiring her. Her sales have sky rocketed!

Do this one thing and watch your sales grow!

P.S.After directing that person to our blog... I got a very nice email from her saying she "got it".  Glad to help! That's why I write this help you guys grow your business!

Friday, July 9, 2010

Quick Tip!

To remove an ink stain, place a cloth underneath stain to prevent the stain from seeping through. Dab stain with glycerin or hairspray using a cotton swab. Next, dab stain with a mixture of water and detergent, and gently rub into a lather. Finally, machine  wash in cold water. No more ink stain!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

May I Help You?

What is your biggest dilemma when choosing an outfit to wear for a special meeting or speaking engagement? Do you spend hours trying on everything in your closet? Do you run to the mall for a new look? Do you feel comfortable and confident with your choices?

Let me know... I'd love to help!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Why Ask Why

If you have ever wondered why celebrities and media personalities  hire stylists, you've probably figured it's because they can. You would be wrong. It's because they can't. They can't risk something as valuable as their public image to personal taste or style. As it's almost impossible to view ourselves objectively (we have far too much information about our personal bias), a stylist or image consultant keeps their image perfect and polished.

Actors learn how impactful clothing is by developing a character with the help of a costume designer. They soon discover that their costumes are a vital tool in creating a believable role.

Think of your business persona as a character in a movie.  What are you saying via your clothing choices? Are you letting your personal tastes and style get in the way of effectively expressing your business?  Remember, your image is your brand!  Personal style and public image are two entirely different things!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Finally....the new Website!

I've had quite a time getting my new website to this point.  I've still got a lot to do, like adding areas for different genres, but here it is for now! Click here Deborah Everton

Monday, June 14, 2010

Cracking the Style Code....for Men?

I've received several complaints from men that I don't offer ideas for them. Well, my focus is to help women, but many of my suggestions apply to men as well!
Here are two photos of George Clooney. On the left is his personal style...jeans and t-shirt. On the right is his professional image.... suave movie star.  George knows his brand well and probably hires a stylist to keep his image (brand), polished and perfect.

Your personal style and your professional image are two separate things. It is important for both women and men to understand that your professional image represents your brand and needs the same careful attention the rest of your business receives!

Sunday, May 30, 2010

I've been Flattered!

They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.... so let's take a look at how I'm being flattered at the moment! Sex and the City 2 is a fashionista Disneyland! In it, Samantha wears a dress that is hauntingly familiar to me.  TV's, The View, had fashion show featuring a re-creation that is even more like mine!

 Although my design is "priceless" to me, it actually cost only around $30 in materials. I had to whip it up at the last minute and as my budget for the movie was spent, I had to be super creative. In fashion, as in literature, there are not really any "new" ideas.  Everybody is inspired by everybody else. The S&TC dress isn't exactly like mine, but it's close enough to make me blush!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Cracking Layers

I talked about layering in this post and how it can make you look, not just dated, but fat ((shudder)). Sure, lots of flowing layers are super comfy (who doesn't love an elastic waistband), but they add bulk.  You can still layer like mad if you follow two simple rules!
1. If you have a flowing top, pair it with a slim bottom.

And by slim I don't mean leggings! Leggings with a flowing top can make you look like a meatball with two toothpicks stuck in the bottom. Slim trousers or a trim (not tight) skirt.

1. If you have a flowing bottom layer, pair it with a slim top.
You always want to point out that you have a shape somewhere in there! You can even add a flowing wrap if you keep the rest somewhat structured.

The rules always apply.....
Follow them and you will never again look like a walking pile of laundry! Add more layers with necklaces or a scarf, and bracelets to get your gypsy on. Layering jewelry doesn't add bulk. How great is that!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Groovy Chick or Old Bag?

I see a lot of this look in my travels. Unfortunately, it's without the microphone. 

I know the women sporting this style are either living in the past or trying to hide fat ....and so does everybody else. I'm sorry to tell them, this look makes them look old...and fat!

Baggy, flowing layers just look dated...and, well... old.  Plus they make you look sloppy and....FAT!!! Even Stevie Nicks has updated her look to become a smoother, more streamlined woman.

Think about the message you are sending out when you dress in flowing, gypsy layers.  Are you a "Groovy Chick"...or  Old Bag?

I'll show you in my next post how to update your "Gypsy Soul"!

Quick Tip!

Summer weather is here in some parts and can take it's toll on our clothing. So, if you missed this post all is not lost!

Treat perspiration marks with a prewash stain remover, then launder the clothes in hot water using an enzyme detergent and an oxygen bleach.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Quick Tip

Never hang your pearl necklace. It weakens the silk thread the pearls are strung on.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Quick Tip

I love this Quick Tip from From Real Simple!

Get between buttons, where a regular iron won’t fit, with a straightening iron. Try it on collar creases and minor wrinkles, too.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Quick Tip!

To prevent underarm perspiration stains, sprinkle baby powder on the underarm area of your blouse then press with an iron.  The powder forms a shield, protecting your garment!

Quick Tip

We do this in the wardrobe department after rainy days....

Help wet shoes preserve their shape―and speed up drying―by placing crumpled newspaper in them overnight. It really works!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Fantasy Shoe Storage

Oh, the sirene call of shoes. I have waaayy to many and they can be a mess in my closet. So whenI saw this on the Martha Stewart website I nearly fell over with lust!

It's a pull-out pantry that you would normally use in the kitchen. The shelves are slanted and nonskid shelf liners were used to prevent the shoes from sliding when it moves. 

Quick Tip

Hate those gaps between the buttons on your blouse or sweater? Sew little bits of velcro between the buttons for an instantly smooth (and slimmer) line!

Friday, May 7, 2010

Style vs. Fashion

Fashion passes, style remains.
       ~ Coco Chanel~

You just gotta love her!  She created not just her own style, but an enduring brand that is relevant even now. Coco knew her style was her brand and her brand endures to this day.

While Coco didn't need any help defining her brand, most of us do. We confuse "style" with "fashion" and end up sending crossed messages.

Why not develop your business style to best express your brand and become a legend too!

Quick Tip

To remove wine or juice stains, gently rub salt or an oxygen cleaner into the stain then pour boiling water over it. It works when all else fails!

Quick Tip

Tuck tea bags scented with jasmine, mint, or vanilla into a dresser drawer to infuse your clothes with a fresh, subtle fragrance!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Your Image IS Your Brand

“I dress for the image. Not for myself, not for the public, not for fashion, not for men”
             ~ Marlene Dietrich
Marlene Dietrich understood that her image was her "brand".  She carefully crafted it (with big help from the studio experts), and so, it became iconic.
                                                                  Marlene Dietrich, husband Rudolf Sieber, and daughter 
Every time she was seen in public her brand was intact.

I'm not saying you have to give up your personal wardrobe choices (I wish I could live in P.J's and sweats), but have you given thought to your image vis-a-vie your brand? It can be, bar none, your biggest asset!

Do You Make This Mistake?

I never meet many of my clients in person.  They send me photos and/or video and I "virtually" help them up their visual game . Here is one of the mistakes I see all the time!

This is a panel of speakers (not my clients). Does anybody stand out? Not really, in fact it's the water bottles grab my attention.

Now look at this panel

Notice where you eye is drawn. The woman in the orange top! It doesn't matter who's got the microphone, your eye will wander to the person wearing color.

This is valuable information. Nobody can truly hear your message if part of their brain is elsewhere. However, you can have the focus be on you even when you aren't speaking. You can be "selling" without ever opening your mouth! Of course, you want to make sure your color is in sync with the core message your business.

Friday, April 30, 2010

The Power of Positive Dressing

I've talked about the importance of being the embodiment of your product or service and how your image can either enforce or degrade your core message.  But how do you figure out how to do that?

Try this fun exercise.  Go through your backlog of magazines, clipping out words you think apply to your business.  It is dynamic? Serene? Cutting edge? Useful? Fun? Luxurious?  You get the idea.

The reason I want you to go through magazines as opposed to just thinking up the words is, I want you to see how successful business' label themselves.  Also, notice the colors and graphics they use.  Once you have 5 or 6 words (or as many as you think apply), look through your style magazines and clip out items and outfits that best depict each word. Now make a "vision board", or visual journal using your words and outfits.

You might be surprised by what you discover. I'm sure you will get new insight as to  positive dressing!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Cracking Draping

Draping is BIG right now! But draping can be a "fat maker" unless you have a curtain rod for shoulders.  But no matter what your body type you can get on this trend. Let's take a look at how it can work for you.

I don't care how skinny you are....this is a "FAT MAKER", even if you plan on standing in this exact pose every second you are wearing the dress. Don't even think you are hiding anything by wearing this!!! I have to say....this dress just makes me gasp.....and not in a good way. this is a pretty option if you have a small bust.

A little draping around the (eh-hum) tummy area....but I'm not sure about the cut of the neckline unless you have a long neck and broad shoulders.
This top is great for work or an evening out and will look flattering on most body types. The scoop neck shows off the skinniest part of all our bodies...the collar bone. Plus....loving the color! A pretty color reflects prettily up onto your face....please remember that!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Cracking Why It Doesn't Fit!

OK,  girls... Let's get real with what size we really are.

 Is this beautiful body the average? If only!!

According to Medical News Today we are getting bigger... but not taller (dang).

Apparently a size 8 (considered the standard size) = 35"-27"-37.5" and is 5' 5" tall.

In reality the average woman is almost 5.3",  tall and white women are now more like 41"-34"-43", and black women are 43"-37"-46"'.

I'm not telling you this to make you feel bad about whatever size you are but rather to help you get real about what size you should be looking at when you shop.

Every designer has a "fit model" that they grade their sizes on. So, if the designer has a 17 year old, 100 lb, 5'11" girl that she or he decides is their size 8...we all have to live with it. Which is why you don't know what size you are.

So...back here on planet earth (where we actually do eat), remember....nothing makes you look fatter than squeezing into a smaller size when you could look super skinny in just one tiny size larger.

I did all that fancy font stuff because I want you to know how important I feel this is. Look at the size label as a indicator, not a judgment. You can be a size 8 in one line of clothing and size 10 or 12 in another. It depends on the "fit model".

Of course, you can always do what I do for some actors ...clip out the size tag and never live in reality.  That's always fun.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Fashionably Cheap

While I'm on a roll about all things thrifty I hope you know about Cynthia Vincent for Target.  I mean, who doesn't need a pair of great gladiator wedges this summer?  If you're strapped for cash right now (and I don't know anybody who isn't), cute, fun shoes are a sure way to freshen up last years summer wardrobe.  I just shopped for similar shoes for an actress and was gobsmacked by the price tags! Don't these people know there is a depression recession going on?

These Bottega Veneta sandals are $880. Don't even get me started.

These Michael Kors are a lot less at $295...but still.

The Cynthia Vincent beauties are only $30 so you can indulge yourself in this hot trend and still afford a sundress or shorts to go with! Who knows how long we will continue to teeter on impossibly high heels and wedges, so why pay a fortune for them?

I love Target. Really. I do.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Cracking Handbags

I'm just incensed by the price of handbags.  I mean...really. What are they thinking?

This casual handbag from Dior costs $1,790 ....that's a mortgage payment!! For a purse....what????

Instead, consider this eco friendly bag from etsy seller Sinemingur

I's not leather, but it's a fun and funky casual bag and only costs $35! It has the same general shape and round hardware as the Dior bag plus no animal had to die for fashion so you can feel good about that too.  I also like that it's not vinyl (which just looks cheap without the cheerful). I would swap out the big button for something else (like a vintage pin from a flea market or your own chunky initial charm ), to add even more of your personal style. This bag probably won't last long (like the expensive leather bag), but it gives a lot of style for the money and you won't have to carry the same handbag for the rest of your life to justify the cost!

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Cracks the Closet Pt 2

As I recently moved into a new home that is over 90 years old, closet space is at the top of my organizing list. I guess people didn't have much of a wardrobe back then but as a modern woman, I certainly do! That's why my new cheap and cheerful Fab Find is this;

The Handy Hold All from Sarah Shaw comes in several fun, colorful prints and has totally organized my handbag collection while making my eeny-beeny closet look way cute. They are so affordable, I bought 3 in different patterns just to mix things up. With seven loops each, I love how I can now actually see all my handbags in a tiny space! I'm even buying several to keep the actress' handbags organized on my wardrobe truck. That's how much I love them.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Cracking Comfy

With my busy work schedule I've been thinking a lot about comfortable clothes lately. I wish I could wear my PJ's to work! I know many busy women insist on comfort over style. They wear ratty t-shirts, baggy sweats, sloppy know the look...a walking pile of laundry.

I wonder how these women are feeling about themselves.  The message they are sending is, "I'm too stressed, lazy, busy, oblivious (pick one..or all), to care about myself.  As it's difficult to take a living laundry pile seriously, I suggest taking a look at these totally comfy pieces from Elieen Fisher

Because they are made from organic materials they breath, making them cool and soft. The stretchy-ness adds to the comfort while maintaining a trim, pulled together look.  Add a few of these options to the grab-and-go section of your closet with some colorful accessories and never look in need of a fluff-and-fold again!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The Power of Accessories; Part 1

Jewelry and accessories are a vital and therefor important part of what you are communicating to people via your image. Today I had a fitting with our lead actress and finally had to choose between these two beautiful necklaces from Marie Todd.

The character, "Beth" is a young lawyer who "doesn't know how beautiful she is".  Our lovely actress is very fair skinned, has almost white blonde hair, china blue eyes, and a splattering of  pale freckles across her nose.  I chose a delicate palette to match her delicate looks and vulnerable character description. Either necklace could work.

So which necklace did I select?  The second one.  I felt the first necklace with it's larger stones, while delicate and simple, made too much of a statement.  The second necklace still has the blue stones to play up her blue eyes but looks less thought out.  I don't want the viewer to even really "see" it, so to speak.  But it finishes off her look in a feminine and professional way. If the character of "Beth", was more self possessed I would have selected the first necklace.

When putting your professional look together, think about it.  Unless you are a jewelry designer wearing your own designs (and even then, less is more), don't let your jewelry steal your thunder!  You want people to focus on YOU, not your jewelry. Use this expensive (and it should be the very best you can afford), accessory to enhance you, not make it's own statement and steal the show as a result. A good manicure is worth a lot more (and costs less), than multiple chunky rings when it comes to selling yourself!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Cracking the Closet

Does your closet resemble this?

When I'm working on a movie I have a plan for each character.  First I develop the "look", next I assemble the various costume changes, and finally I establish a well organized "closet" for each character that I can turn to with confidence when the inevitable changes in production crop up.

As a business person you need that type of closet as well! You need to devote a section of your wardrobe just to the character of "YOU, the business owner", that you can confidently pull from when you most need it.

In future posts I'll go into detail about how to achieve this but for now, take a good look at your closet and assess where you need help.  I'd love to see the inside of your "before" closet so just shoot me a photo of  it and you will be amazed by your "after photo" once we've cracked it with some fun tips from the pros!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Cracking It Old School!

In my film career I've re-invented several classics and brought the brands to a new generation. For Star Trek is was about taking the crew out of stretch pants and taking an evil species to a new level.
For Battlestar Galactica it was reinventing the flight suit and coming up with a sexy new villain
My next adventure is stepping out of the sci-fi world and bringing a true TV classic, The Rockford Files, into the 21st century. I'm so excited!
If you want to see how I pull this one out of a time warp and re-brand it for today... sign up at the mailing list button to the right for private behind-the-scenes info delivered weekly. You don't want to miss this...we're gonna have fun!

In the meantime, ask yourself if you are stuck in a time warp. How can you re-invent yourself and your brand?

Monday, March 1, 2010

The Print Problem

"Never wear anything that panics the cat"_ P.J. O'Rourke

I''ve seen rational, intelligent women loose their mind when it comes to prints.  Some are paralyzed by the very idea and refuse to don anything with a print or even a pattern. Solids only!  The other group love happy prints and attack print mixing like an whirling dervish. Result; clown clothes.

There is no need to fall into either group. Prints are your friend!  They jazz up an otherwise boring outfit adding flare, wit, and imagination.  While extreme print mixing as shown on the model above should be left to those with a keen eye and a boatload of confidence, a little dash of print or pattern can do more to add interest to you and your outfit than almost anything else in your wardrobe!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

The Sophisticate

The Sophisticate is the most powerful...and intimidating of styles. 

Anna Wintour- Sophisticate

Refined, urbane, worldly-wise, cultivated, and usually rich, this woman is not to be
toyed with! Only the finest of the fine is almost good enough for the Sophisticate.
So pull out your credit card and plan on maxing it out to achieve this power look. 
Sumptuous fabrics,immaculate tailoring, and expensive accessories are the 
hallmarks of of this Style Code.
Note: Scowl optional.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

A Celebrity Before and After

Everybody needs help when it comes to the Style Code and embodying their "brand"!  Let's take a look at a typical celeb in her "real life".

This is how Charlize Theron look in her "off duty" hours. In jeans and a T-shirt, she could be meeting friends for lunch  or running errands. A busy girl-on-the-go. Clearly, not a lot of thought went into this outfit. I see movie stars everyday in my studio looking just like this. Now let's look at Charleze after she's "gone through the works" (movie lingo for a make-over)

A glamorous movie star!  Her golden dress sells her as a Golden Girl.  This is the movie star we pay to see!   While she had final approval on her dress, somebody assessed her strengths and worked with them to create this beautiful embodiment of her "brand", Movie Star Charleze!

Think about yourself as your "brand". What image are you selling?